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Introducing the PLOC2D Camera for Machine Vision, a collaboration with SICK Sensor Intelligence and Yaskawa Motoman robots.

The easiest low-cost robot guidance system.

The PLOC2D vision system enables easy and low-cost 2D robot guidance on Yaskawa’s robots. From palletizing and belt picking to machine tending, SICK and Yaskawa joining forces brings a new dimension of powerfully accurate solutions to the automation industry.

Neff Power is proud to be the leading preferred distributor for Yaskawa Motoman and the elite distributor of SICK Sensor Intelligence. Combine these two world class companies in robotics and vision systems, and you get the PLOC2D system.

The PLOC2D package includes:

2D Camera

A SICK 2D camera preloaded with PLOC 2D software available with Enternet IP and Profinet. This only requires two cables: a power cable and an ethernet cable.

Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you with your startup process.

YIP file

The YIP file is from Motoman Smartpendant. This will make setup quick and easy. It automatically configures your Ethernet IP settings and provides basic programming to get started with.

Prototypes and Proofs of Concept

The Neff Power robotics lab is a safe (and fun!) place to try out new robotics applications.  We love the challenge of setting up a robot demo to show that it can be done in a safe and effective way.  We are highly sensitive to the proprietary processes of our manufacturing community.  

Do you have a process that is repetitive or ergonomically challenging, and would like to see the ROI of a robotics solution in our robotics lab?  Request a discussion with our engineers and tell us about your application.  A Neff Power engineer will be in touch with you.

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