What our customers are saying

Neff Power is a solutions provider that comes to us and fills some of the gaps that we need.  And they are an expert, definitely a level above.

Any time we have an issue or a new project, we immediately ask what Neff Power can do.  They stand out that much more.

We quickly try to convince our customers of the products that Neff Power uses, so we can use Neff Power.  I've never run across a company like this - they are amazing to us!

by Jim Sheldon, Owner & CEO of DT Engineering

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We love hearing from our customers when we do a great job!

We worked together to produce a proposal for my customer that was the best fit for the project.  I felt that the Neff Power team was a partner, not just a supplier.

by John F. from Kansas City

Neff Power has a very friendly staff and they work hard to supply our needs.  I enjoy looking at new technology provided by them.  Keep up the good work!

by Auston S. from Arkansas

I have used Neff Power at my current, and previous employer.  I have always had fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.  The people I have worked with there over the past 8 years or so have always been dependable.

by Marty S. from Missouri

Installation ~ success! Just wanted to celebrate with you! Really pleased with how everything turned out! Thrilled with the height & amount of rails for space. Really appreciate your help & input with making this ready to be put together.

by Morgan R. from Oklahoma

Our Missouri sales engineer is a great asset for your company. He is the reason we started ordering IAI's from Neff Power.

by Mark D. from Missouri

We really appreciated your hard work and effort on our project last year with the robotic gantry and look forward to seeing if we can work together on this one too.

by Nathan M. from Arizona

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We love hearing from our customers when we do a great job!

I have worked with our AR/OK sales engineer for many of our orders and he is a wonderful sales rep. Goes out of his way to make you feel special and is always more than willing to help with anything that might arise! A++ Teammate!

by Blake B. from Arkansas

Neff Power has made many of the aspects of my job so much easier with the products and services you are able to provide. I look forward to working together in the future.

Everything I have dealt with with your design engineer and sales reps have responded quickly and efficiently to get things taken care of. They're honestly a pleasure to work with.

by Wes E. from Missouri

For over 5 years now we have been purchasing 80/20 supplies through Neff Power. Our Arkansas sales rep is always responsive and has even helped with the design process a few times. Great guy. Satisfied with Neff!

by Kiefer W. from Arkansas

I have always had a good experience dealing with Neff Power. I haven't been dealing with Neff long, but our sales rep and his resources have been a huge help.

by Ryan S. from Missouri

I am very happy with my support from our local SE. When he doesn't know an answer, he is quick to get me in touch with the tech support with the source supplier.

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We love hearing from our customers when we do a great job!

Thank you. And thanks to Neff Power for helping with this entire project. [Our customer] was in here yesterday and bought off the first unit.

by Len D. from Missouri

Thanks again for the quick service. Your customer support is over the top outstanding.

by Keith M. from Illinois

You, and Neff Power are doing great. Your service is noticed. Thank you for all of the effort.

by David G. from Kansas

Excellent company and I am happy I found Neff Power this year to further my goals and company! I look forward to our future partnership!

Well done both of you on collaborating and prioritizing under pressure. Let’s keep crushing it.

by Caleb P. from Arizona

Everything went well. The kits were set up great – no missing pieces! Thanks for everything for helping me out with this project.

by James J. from Missouri

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We love hearing from our customers when we do a great job!

This kind of proactive support is why you are the first name on my go to list.  

Well done and thank you.

[Our Sales Engineer] went way above, all in the name of customer service! [He] should be recognized for his outstanding customer service and the fact that he takes pride in what he does, that dedication is what makes Neff Power Great!

Thank you, and the entire Neff Power team, for your outstanding support!

by Chris B. from Arizona

Thank you for your great customer service.

by Bryan W. from Missouri

I love working with [my Neff Power sale engineer]. [They are] quick to return my calls and always ready to help me research products that will work best for the needs of my shop. Neff Power are my go to. Excellent customer service.