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Simple, Scalable, and Secure Remote access to any industrial device

Secomea, a privately-owned company, was developed specifically for the automation industry and is used by machine builders and system integrators all over the world. They offer firewall/VPN and industrial communication solutions that are easy to install, easy to setup and easy to use. Secomea is suited to both smaller machinery installations with low budgets and larger machine installations that require immediate action.

What does Secomea offer?

  • Remote Secure Communication Devices
  • Cellular, Ethernet, & USB Interface Site Managers
  • Remote Troubleshooting & Control
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Secure Server Packages
  • Push-Pull Data

Secomea is a turnkey solution that combines data collection and remote access in one simple, secure solution. 

The DIN mountable industrial gateway  installs in machine control panels to provide remote access for on-demand, real-time servicing of industrial equipment. 

As an additional feature, the SiteManager is capable of data collection, which allows service engineers to perform detailed cloud analysis for predictive and preventive maintenance of connected equipment.

Use the Secomea Remote Access to perform corrective maintenance on your machines with the highest level of security and ease of use. 

In combination with Machine Data Collection, you can cover all aspects of Secure Remote Maintenance in one simple and secure solution.  

With remote access, your machines are accessible from anywhere in the world and you can remotely resolve issues without costly, time-consuming on-site visits.  

Secomea remote access has been set up with security as a top priority and is the world's first security-certified remote access solution.  With Two-factor and three-factor security authentication, Secomea protects your access and your data.

You can easily control who has access to which equipment in the building via drag-and-drop user access management.

How does it Work?

Secomea’s remote access solution is deployed and used by major machine builders and system integrators all over the world. The solution consists of a control unit at the factory (SiteManager) in form of either hardware or software and a Web or Windows based client (LinkManager) operated by technicians or end-users. These two components are tied together via a central M2M communication server (GateManager).

collect your data, trigger your events

Secomea SiteManager's Data Collection Module supports a variety of IOT clouds, including Azure, Cumulocity, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Even if you lose your internet connection, the local Store-and-Forward database ensures uninterrupted data logging.  

The Data Collection Module supports a wealth of edge computing features, including event triggers and smart aggregations so that you can extract the information that is important to you, and take immediate action.

The Data Collection Module also supports the most popular device protocols: OPC UA, Modbus, Rockwell CIP, and Siemens S7.  Additionally, you can collect XML, JSON, or similar web formats using the Web-collector.  Configuration is centrally administered and easily configurable.

Visit www.secomea.com for more information

Why choose Secomea as your Remote Access Solution?

  • Saves you time and money on costly on-site troubleshooting trips without worrying about security
  • Two-factor and three-factor security authentication
  • Ability to optimize engineering costs by allowing key engineers to service global customers simultaneously
  • No need for VPN, IT skills, fixed IP address, or open ports in firewalls
  • Role-based account management
  • Standard measures for eliminating risk of vulnerabilities resulting from mail configuration or human carelessness

Here is a Neff Power demonstration of Secomea SiteManager using wifi connection via smartphone hotspot. 

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