We offer many value-added services to our customers. Our technical sales force, application engineers, and design engineers are available to help our customers with their various needs. View our solutions below to consider us for your next project.

Application Assistance

Our application engineers are the primary technical resource for our field sales engineers and are responsible for driving and managing the technology evaluation stages of the sales process. Application engineers can identify and provide reliable solutions for technical issues to assure complete customer satisfaction through all stages of this process. Let our team assist you with your project requirements.  

Customer Service

Along with our responsive and knowledgeable customer support team to assist all your needs, we also give you the option for full access to your account to view copies of invoices, due dates, order status, and more all. MyAccount portal is available 24/7 without the need to call or email our team. MyAccount is available to you on mobile or desktop.

Assembly Building

Our assembly services include on-site assembly at your facility, or assembly and packaging for shipment in our warehouse for delivery to your dock.   

Our warehouse assembly process includes building, validation, and packaging for shipment.  

We can do complete assembly or sub assembly projects. Let our team of experts support your project with new, innovative designs and completely integrated solutions. Rigorous quality control procedures (ISO 9001 certification) ensure the quality of our products.

Training & Startup Assistance

Our application and design engineers are available for training and assistance in your location or ours. Additionally, we will assist you during the start-up period with new products we specified for your application.

Solution-Focused Sales Engineers

Throughout the sales process, our engineers facilitate communications to ensure a thorough technical understanding of our products and services among all cross-functional team members. Our sales engineers act as our technical encyclopedia, representing the aspects of how the product solves specific problems for our customers. Our knowledgeable sales engineers are here to assist you with your application requirements.


Our design engineering staff is skilled in all aspects of machine design including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Our experienced team has the facilities to design, build and test your machinery on our premises. We design and build applications for assembly, product finishing and testing as well as other custom automation applications.


Let our packaging team organize your individual products into ready-to-ship sets. Completed kits are kept with your inventory and mapped to a specific SKU distinct from those assigned to the individual products that may be shipped separately. All finished kits are inspected and verified to ensure correct packaging, order accuracy, and shipment tracking. Through MyAccount web portal, our customers always know exactly where their products are through the tracking number we provide you with once shipped.

Safety-Risk Assessment

A safety risk assessment is the foundation to guide customers towards the best business decisions that balance both security and compliance. We provide them with a full risk assessment for your machine safety validation to help identity risk factors today before they become major problems tomorrow.

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