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Weintek is a true manufacturer of HMIs. They've been manufacturing HMIs since 1996, and are headquartered in The State of Washington for their US headquarters, with international headquarters located in Taiwan. Weintek has been brand labeling for many years before they decided to go direct to market.

Weintek designs and manufactures human machine interface (HMI) and industrial personal computer (IPC) solutions that are easy to use, reliable, and advanced in technology.


The software that is used to program the Weintek HMIs is EasyBuilder Pro. It's based on 16 years of development experience. The software has a massive driver list, yeah, so there's 300-plus drivers that are available for communications. When we look at the communications, Weintek has support for all the common PLCs in the marketplace like Rockwell, and Siemens as well. They also have OPC UA client capabilities as well.


From a hardware perspective, Weintek offers several levels of HMI, starting with their basic HMI, standard HMI, and advanced HMI levels. The displays are available from four-inch displays all the way up to 15.6-inch displays. They also have different touch technologies, resistive touch, capacitive touch, from a touchscreen technology perspective. Weintek also has headless HMI units, which is pretty unique as well. And with the massive driver list, they also have gateway products, so you can leverage the massive driverless gateway products as well to be able to convert one protocol to another.

Do Weintek HMIs have the ability to do multi-touch?

Yes. Weintek HMIs support resistive touch and capacitive touch.


Weintek HMIs can do what most any HMI can do. Weintek HMIs can do a push button, a pilot light, and display a number or label. But what are some of the other things that Weintek can do?

Standard Features

  • MQTT protocol to connect cloud services
  • Display video using multimedia viewers
  • Display 2D information using PDF viewers
  • Plus every standard HMI comes with a very robust scripting language

Advanced HMI Features

  • Ability to connect to SQL servers
  • Integrated capabilities to communicate with MySQL databases or Microsoft SQL Server-type databases
  • Integrated web browsing, including the ability to bring up the web page of a PLC to write through the HMI
  • Ability to allow for remote monitoring to troubleshoot and perform system maintenance, including PLC programming, utilizing a secure VPN
  • Ability to add code assist into the HMI, which allows for PC-based control capabilities
  • Remote IO
  • CMT viewer application for a high-speed view into the HMI

Which Weintek solution is right for your application?

We can help you identify the right Weintek product or series of products to make your system work the way you want it.