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Schmersal safety solutions

Schmersal has become a leader in the design and manufacture of safe switching products and systems for various industries. In almost every field of work or industrial application, there are inherent risks and different requirements for safety for man and machine.

Schmersal offers more than 300 different safety components for protecting workers from point-of-operation hazards. These include safety interlocks for lift-off, hinged and sliding guards, as well as electro-optical sensors where "movable" or "hard guards" are not suitable for the application. Each of these tamper-resistant interlock switches/sensors is third-party tested to assure conformity to all relevant directives.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage processing industry includes many mechanically performed process steps.  Schmersal meets hygiene, humidity, and temperature requirements to delivery safety solutions for process equipment.


For safety guards that do not interrupt production cycles and run with the highest reliability, Schmersal has a full line of safety solutions for filling, packing, and palletizing.

Elevators & Escalators

Schmersal elevator switchgear locks and monitors the elevator doors.  In both active and passive safety circuit of the elevator system, Schmersal monitors individual components and provides the electrically resettable limit switch in the shaft head or in the shaft pit. 

Heavy Industry

Schmersal provides safety solutions in mining, construction, railways, shipyards, crane hoists, conveyors, mixing plants, recycling plants, energy generation, refineries, and offshore oil rigs.

Machine Tools

With Schmersal, machine tools can have safety in any operating mode, and avoid tampering (yes, tampering occurs in 1/3 of all metal-working sites).  Risk can be minimized with Schmersal coded safety switches and safety sensors, as well as hinge safety switches.

Wood Milling and Processing

Wood-processing and wood-working machinery usually runs non-stop and often in a 24/7 cycle. Interruptions thereby are very unwanted. Safety switchgear from Schmersal is ideal for these conditions.

Products & Solutions

  • Safety Switches (Limit, RFID, Magnetic, Interlock, etc.)
  • Safe Signal Processing (Monitoring, Relays, Controllers, etc.)
  • Automation Technology (Switches: Emergency Stop, Position, Magnetic, Pull-wire, etc.)
  • Devices for Ex Zones
  • Lift Switchgear
  • Safety Modules
  • Optical Safety
  • Automation Controls (Light Curtains, Laser Scanners, etc.)
  • Classified Environment Controls

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