Available from Neff Power in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

The introduction of automation in the 20th century heavily shaped the industrial world.  Robots have been deployed in manufacturing for many years. 

Today, small, affordable collaborative robot arms and light industrial robots are once again revolutionizing the industrial world, giving manufacturers flexibility and increased productivity at a lower cost. Robots now function with greater speed, strength, safety and precision, accomplishing a wide range of tasks, while maximizing ROI.

With the OnRobot One System Solution, you can use our cutting-edge gripping and sensing technologies - a truly collaborative solution for your application, regardless of which robots you’re using. OnRobot collaborative applications make automation accessible and profitable for all sizes and types of manufacturers. With an electronic quick changer built right in, simple programming and easy installation of OnRobot tools saves time and gets your production up and running quickly, making you more productive and securing a fast ROI on your entire application.

The OnRobot One System Solution is a game changer that dramatically simplifies automation. You only need one system, one training, one relationship, but you get every tool you may need, compatibility with the robots you choose and virtually unlimited possibilities for collaborative applications. When deployment takes less time, it allows you to deliver more projects to more customers. Everyone saves time and money and can quickly realize the benefits of collaborative automation.

Products & Solutions from OnRobot

  • RG2 - a flexible finger for lighter jobs, picking and placing items up to 2kg
  • RG6 - flexible, with a larger reach and a little more muscle, payload of 6kg
  • RG2-FT - for high-precision assembly applications where fingertip sensitivity is required
  • VG10 Electrical Vacuum Gripper - for larger objects or applications where two parts should be moved separately, payload up to 10kg
  • HEX Sensor - Precision insertion tasks, handles variation like a pro, surface finishing and gluing
  • Built-in proximity sensors to detect whether a part is present
  • Unique technology for flat and smooth objects
  • Objects with holes, like PCB, can be handled easily
  • Faster setup, less running costs, less noise

OnRobot can be used with products of various sizes, materials and applications:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Glossy packaging
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Machine tending
  • Assembly
  • Pick & palace
  • Packaging & palletizing
  • Quality testing and inspection
  • Surface finishing

Visit www.onrobot.com for more information.