Available from Neff Power in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Collaborative robots from Doosan Robotics can be applied to various production processes, from simple to precision tasks, and provide optimized solutions with a variety of lineups.


This solution is applied to the finished product manufacturing line in major manufacturing industries, from automotive to electronics and general machinery industries. You can experience the differentiated performance of Doosan cobots in applications that require the dexterity of workers.

Machine Tending

This solution is applied to part production lines in major manufacturing industries. Doosan cobots can easily increase the production efficiency for simple processes that handle the finished products from the automation system


This solution is applied to the inspection lines in all manufacturing industries from automotive to electronics, general machinery, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Not only can the cobots perform a visual inspection using the camera system, but they can also perform a general inspection that requires the dexterity of workers.

Air Blowing

This solution is applied to typical air blowing lines for exterior cleaning of finished products or workpieces. It applies Doosan's innovative motion algorithm that can simulate various operator actions with ease.


This solution is applied to finishing materials and adhesive spray applications required in typical assembly lines. Doosan cobots provide precise and stable performance, based on an innovative motion algorithm.


This solution is applied to post-processing task on the exterior of finished products or workpieces to improve the final product quality. You can experience the differentiated performance of Doosan cobots in applications that require the dexterity of workers.

Packaging and Palletizing

Doosan cobots can perform robot motions easily and accurately, according to the customer's requirements in the field, based on the understanding of various loading modes. The operator can select the most effective robot motion from a variety of packaging and palletizing patterns, and the automatic axis alignment feature performs the alignment task precisely without error.

Pick and Place

Doosan cobots featuring the built-in torque sensor installed on each of the six joints, innovative motion algorithm, intuitive usability of smart devices, and robot task teaching can be applied in many industrial sites with ease. With the most extensive product lineup in the industry, you can experience the Pick and Place solution that is best optimized for your work site.

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