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West Control Solutions is a global specialist in the design and manufacture of process and temperature control instrumentation. Through their leading product brands - CAL, PMA, and WEST - they have been providing first-class, reliable control solutions for almost a century.

Their easy-to-use products can meet a variety of demands from offering simple, entry-level temperature controls to highly sophisticated, functionally-rich solutions for even the most complex of controls applications. Their comprehensive product range is routinely selected for use in a number of industrial and scientific applications including plastics and extrusion, ovens and furnaces, laboratory and test equipment, packaging, food an beverage.

As a specialists in temperature control, West's products are supported by a Neff Power's dedicated team of experienced temperature control experts who can provide in depth application expertise and advice.

Products & Solutions

  • Single- & Multi-Loop Temperature Controllers
  • Rail-mounted Devices
  • Indicators
  • Limit Devices
  • Thermostats
  • Solid State Relays
  • Thyristors

Single Loop Temperature & Process Controllers

Single loop controllers are cost effective and easy to use devices used in temperature and other processes to control one specific variable. From basic devices with core functions, to those with advanced features, a range of single loop controllers are available to ensure precise control for demanding applications. Typically, single loop controllers are front-of-panel products. Many of our controllers have a high visibility display for increased clarity that enables vital process information and alarm messages to be viewed at a glance. These features allow the single loop controller to control process variables in a wide variety of applications that include industrial and lab ovens, sealers, kilns, food processing, extruder barrel heating, and heat presses, to name a few.

Multi-loop Temperature & Process Controllers

Multi-loop temperature controllers manage several zones simultaneously to stabilize the temperature of environments such as ovens, packaging, and heat treatment. Generally, behind panel, multi- loop controllers support various fieldbus options allowing for easy integration with other devices within the machine or a wider plant network. Multi – loop systems can be programmed to allow the zones to be independent or to work in conjunction with one another, depending on the needs of the application. Benefits of the multi – loop temperature controller includes reduced installation costs, improved integration and minimal machine downtime.

DIN Rail Line Mounted Systems

Compact, multi-functional and flexible, Rail Line offers precise measurement, reliable limit monitoring and stable control for many demanding applications. For controlling, measuring, converting and monitoring, the Rail Line product family includes communication field bus couplers, controller, transmitter, I/O modules, temperature limiter and transmitter for strain gauge sensors.

Limit & Monitor Devices

Limiters and monitors provide control and safety cut-out capabilities to protect personnel, products and machinery against high or low temperatures. These devices are used in process control applications where independent limit switching for over or under temperature is required. They allow users to define upper or lower limits by entering setpoint values. If the pre-set temperature limit is exceeded, the output switches to ensure that the system is in a safe state. For example, the limit or monitor device can shut the system down or trigger forced cooling. Applications that often require limit and monitoring devices are ovens, furnaces, combustion plant, steam systems and food heating equipment, to name a few.

Digital Thermostats

CAL offers a complete range of thermostats for a variety of heating or cooling applications. Our thermostats are small format devices used to improve performance and efficiency of refrigeration and heating applications. This family of thermostats also includes indicators and timers for associated monitoring and control needs. The units are easy to configure and use, have a large clear display with a simple user interface, and a high ingress protection-rated casing. CAL Thermostats offer precision monitoring of temperatures within ovens, fryers, refrigerators, and other chillers.

Within this CAL thermostat family, you will find digital thermostats and defrost thermostats. 

Paperless Process Recorders

Data recorders are designed for the process industry where the temperature or process parameters need to be monitored by logging over a period of time. This is often required for regulation and certification purposes and/ or used for analysis and intelligence regarding an application’s efficiency.

The range of recorders offered by West Control Solutions can be used in a variety of applications, particularly heat treatment, extrusion and life sciences. 


Industrial pressure transmitters operate as safe measurement and monitoring devices in a variety of applications. Pressure transmitters measure substances like gases, vapors, and liquids and are designed to withstand harsh environments in the process industry. The process industry depends on hydraulic systems, refrigeration, compressed air, and many other components that require pressure transmitters to operate accurately.

Why choose West Control Solutions?

  • Cost competitive
  • Fast & easy configuration
  • Improved display visibility
  • Reduces cost by minimizing wiring and panel space
  • Reliable products within the most demanding process and manufacturing applications
  • High level of ingress protection
  • Fieldbus compatibility
  • Programmable controllers for single- and multi-loop

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