Available from Neff Power in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

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Yaskawa delivers innovative robotics solutions for virtually every industry application, including assembly, handling, machine tending, packaging, palatalizing, painting, welding and more. Their product line includes more than 150 distinct robot models and pre-engineered "world" solutions complete with robot, process an safety equipment. Motoman robots are the pinnacle of articulated arm-performance. They deliver long-term reliability and a quick return on your investment. Yaskawa offers a wide range of easily programmable, high-performance robots. The application possibilities for automating your production - from consumer electrics to construction equipment - are virtually limitless.

Products & Solutions

  • 6-Axis Articulated Arm Robots
  • Collaborative Robots
  • SCARA Robots
  • Delta Robots
  • Safety Control Robots
  • Industrial Robots

Why choose Yaskawa Motoman robotics solutions?

  • Consistent productivity gains and the predictable operating costs of robotics will enable your business to expand
  • With open software architecture, their intuitive control platforms all your staff to program Motoman robots on day one
  • Enable gains in productivity that outpace traditional methods while increasing safety and reducing defects
  • Push the boundaries of technology as the first commercial robotics company to offer 7-axis single-arm and 15-axis dual-arm robots
  • Beyond the typical 2-year ROI, their robots deliver returns for 10-15 years
  • Energy-efficient robots maintain high productivity while conserving your resources

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