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Bucher Hydraulics designs, manufactures and distributes quality hydraulic components and innovative systems for the worldwide fluid power market. Designed for compactness and durability, millions of M-series systems have been sold worldwide for actuating mobile, materials handling, transport, construction, defense, access, machine tool, ergonomic, and other labor saving devices.

Products & Solutions

  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Valves
  • Power Units 
  • Electronics
  • Cylinders
  • System Solutions
  • Dyna-Lift® Ergonomic Systems




Power Units



System Solutions

  • Electrohydraulic Linear Drives
  • System Solutions for small and mid-range Salt/Grit Spreaders
  • System Solutions for Towed Machines EPOM
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Fan Drive Systems
  • Manifold Blocks
  • Crane Controls


Ergonomic, height-adjustable workbenches are quickly becoming the standard in industry. And as more people demand height-adjustability, Dyna-Lift® is the standard for delivering it.

In addition to work tables, other common applications include hospital beds, assembly line fixtures, rehabilitation tables. Less conventional applications have included casket lifts, massage table lifts and lectern/podium lifts.

Lift up to 1,000 LBS (454 kg) with manual hand crank.  Choose from 1 up to 8 cylinders.  Retractable handle for stow-and-go applications.

Lift up to 1,000 LBS (454 kg) with rechargeable electric operated system.  Choose from 1 up to 8 cylinders.  Smooth, quiet operation.  Low voltage safety switch, internal limit switches, and thermal overload protection built-into system.

Benefits of Dyna-Lift®

  • OEM and Retrofit Kits Install Quickly
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Comfort
  • Comply with ADA & OSHA guidelines
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Units Shipped Fully Charged and Ready To Install

Why choose Bucher Hydraulics?

  • Wide selection of power unit sizes and performance to satisfy most O.E.M. applications
  • Hardcoated pump end plates for unmatched durability in demanding environments and severe duty applications
  • Bucher Hydraulics prototype program: purchase or return within 90 days of shipment
  • Custom motors, valves, reservoirs, control stations and circuits
  • Valve manifolds - remote of mounted directly to the power unit

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