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Macron Dynamics, Inc. manufactures linear and mechanical motion components and systems.  

The linear robotics solutions offered by Macron Dynamics include multi-axis automation solutions that are versatile, scalable, and easy to implement.  Macron Dynamics is perfect for applications such as pick & place, sorting, packaging & palletizing, order fulfillment, and automated manufacturing.

The trademarks of a Macron Dynamics automation system include long travel capabilities, smooth, fast and repeatable belt driven motion, extremely high quality, and ease of customization to meet specifications for most any application.  Made in the USA with the highest quality materials, Macron Dynamics solutions are engineered to withstand rigorous daily usage.

Neff Power is partnered with Macron Dynamics to provide the best linear robotic solution for your application. 

Products & Solutions

  • Linear Robotics 
  • Robot Transport Units
  • Belt Driven Actuators
  • Screw Driven Actuators
  • Electric Linear Motion

Robot Transport Units

Need to extend the reach and capabilities of your robotic arm?  Macron Dynamics offers reliable 7th axis motion for articulated robots.  With positional repeatability +/- .05 mm (0.002 inches) and speeds up to 5 m/s, you can maximize your robotic efficiency and increase your robot's ROI.  

Macron Dynamics Robot Transport Units are designed with an actuator body mounted on T-slotted extruded aluminum, and contain integrated cable management.   Here are some of the most popular robotics transport units from Macron Dynamics:


Motion: Any

Max speed: 5 m/s

Beam profile: 80mm x 80mm

Belt width: 25mm Standard

Max payload: 89kg

Travel increments: 250mm (10 in)


Motion: Any

Max speed: 3 m/s

Beam profile: 80mm x 160mm

Belt width: 25mm Standard

Max payload: 222 kg

Travel increments: 250mm (10 in)


Motion: Horizontal

Max speed: 3 m/s

Belt width: 25mm x 2 belts heavy

Max payload: 907 kg

Travel increments: 500mm (19.68 in)

Macron Dynamics deploys excellent motion solutions in these industries:

  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Automation
  • Medical 
  • Machine Tools
  • Instrumentation
  • Entertainment & Amusement
  • Military & Defense

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