Available from Neff Power in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

COVAL suction cups meet a wide range of technical specifications thanks to a diverse choice of shapes, diameters and materials.  COVAL offers a full range of fittings adapted to the suction cups, compatible for all types of applications.

Products & Solutions from COVAL

  • Flat suction cups for handling flat, rigid, smooth product; high tensile force, high resistance to lateral forces enabling vertical handling
  • Extra flat suction cups for accuracy in load gripping and seeps up throughput rates
  • Oblong suction pads for round or cylindrical objects such as pens, tubes and bottles
  • Bellows suction combine the advantages of flat suction cups with increased deflection, flexibility and precision that is used for gripping slightly concave or convex objects

COVALis your partner in the following markets:

  • Packaging
  • Plastics
  • Food
  • Sheet metal
Visit www.coval-inc.com for more information.