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Madison Sensing Solutions designs and manufactures a wide range of liquid level sensing products used in many industries.


Madison Company designs and manufactures a wide range of liquid level sensing products used in many specialty chemical applications, such as pharmaceuticals, industrial cleaners, chemical feed systems for water treatment, textiles, flavors and fragrances, construction adhesives, and electronic chemicals.

Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, Madison Company sensors and switches help ensure product quality and consistency. Food service equipment manufacturers maintain reputation and gain repeat business through the use of accurate liquid level measurement, adequate overflow protection, and correct ingredient dispensing.

Fuel & Oil

Madison Company serves the fuel and oil industry. Storage and measurement of fuels and oils can present very specific challenges. Water from condensate can form inside the fuel tank and cause corrosion and possible environmental hazards due to leakage. Water can be dispensed into fuel lines and damage equipment. Fuel storage itself creates a hazardous environment, requiring explosion-proof components. Madison Company designs and provides float switches and liquid level sensors for applications such as fuel tank level indicators in both automotive and specialty vehicles, fuel cell level monitoring, fuel and oil storage, and many others. These sensors give a precise indication of liquid levels across the entire range of your tank, including low level, high level, overflow, and oil/water levels.


Madison Company also manufactures standard and custom-designed switches and sensors for virtually any HVAC & R sensing application. Our sensors are designed and manufactured to withstand even the harshest of environments.


In marine applications, offshore vessels need to have reliable level sensors installed to read accurate fuel tank levels. Madison Company provides various products for ships, including but not limited to visual level indicators, point level sensors, and pressure sensors, and are compatible with different fluid types.


Madison Company’s rugged liquid level sensors have been trusted to detect accurate fluid levels in medical applications for 60 years. Madison sensors are used wherever critical fluid levels must be monitored, including fluid waste containers, sterilization tanks, ventilators, high flow respirators, parts washers, and chemical dosing equipment. Fluid sensing applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries often involve caustic chemicals and unique challenges. Madison sensors and switches carry many 3rd-party certifications, including UL, UL Haz Loc (explosion-proof), CSA, and NSF, ensuring suitability in safety-critical systems.

Custom Miniature PVC Liquid Level Sensors

Our PVC family of sensors is ideal for medical bottles or corrosive chemical applications. These cost-effective PVC plastic materials provide durability and reliability when sensing critical levels in single-point or multi-point levels in reagent bottles.

The M6005– Series can be designed with dual-tube functionality within a single tank fitting. This can be an advantage where level detection is needed in bottles with a siphon or return tubes. Slosh shields, fill tube/siphons, and other features can also be incorporated for OEM-quantity projects.


  • Medical reagents and waste
  • Immunoassay
  • Urinalysis
  • Chemical monitoring
  • Fluid bottles

Off Highway Vehicles (OHV)

Manufacturers have often incorporated Madison Company sensors in farming, heavy-duty construction vehicles, and more. These vehicles require sensors for various applications, including fuel tank level indication, fuel cell level monitoring, and cargo monitoring and control. When it comes to OHV applications, safety is a big concern; that is why companies are always looking for reliable sensors. Madison Company can provide both accurate and top-quality sensors that can be used in rugged environments.


The transportation industry has specific needs to provide the best service to its customers. Public transit vehicles need to be able to maintain accurate fuel levels. Trains rely on pressure sensors for their brake mechanisms. These are all applications that require accurate and reliable sensors.

Key Features of Madison products:

  • Technology options such as pressure, tilt, ultrasonic, and radar level sensors.
  • Variety of fluid-level sensors for use with semi-solid, corrosive, or other complex liquids.
  • Wide variety of chemically resistant materials available: 316 stainless steel, polypropylene, Kynar, Buna-N, brass, PBT
  • FDA and NSF compliant
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof products
  • Slosh shields on many products to prevent floats from sticking

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