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Neff Power is an authorized distributor for TURCK, with a wide range of TURCK products available to purchase online. TURCK is a leading manufacturer of products designed for factory and process automation. The TURCK range includes advanced sensors, measurement, instrumentation, connectivity, interface and networks that meet industrial application demands. Buy TURCK products online from Neff Power with no minimum order quantity, or contact your local Neff Power sales office.

Parts List for the items in the above video playlist:

Clamp & Push-in Termination:

* CMBSD 8141-0/PG9
* BS 8146-0
* FW-ERKPM0526-SA-P-0408
* BS 81121-0/PG9

Products & Solutions from Turck

  • Sensors
  • Identification
  • Connectivity
  • Fieldbus Technology
  • Interface Technology
  • Machine Safety
  • Industrial Controls
  • Power Supplies
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Sensors provide important information for efficient industrial automation, such as discrete and analog position signals, level control, flow rates, temperatures, speed and directional feedback.

Turck offers more than 5,000 proximity sensors based on inductive, capacitive, or magnetic principals of operation, along with ultrasonic, flow, linear and rotary position sensors to implement your made-to-measure solutions.


Elevate the intelligence of your application with industrial RFID. Available in High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF), and designed to meet the demands that are a part of your manufacturing environment, Turck’s industrial RFID ensures your processes are running as efficiently and intelligently as possible.


Connectivity is an essential part of your automation solution that ties everything together. Turck’s solution provides a solid foundation for your application with a high standard for quality and a fast and flexible approach, allowing you to make the right connections.

Fieldbus Technology

Expand your communication capabilities while consolidating your wiring using fieldbus technology. Turck’s vast I/O offering provides the right solution for your application including three types of Ethernet in a single device. Our Distributed I/O enables you to put your control right where you want it, on the machine or in a panel.

Interface Technology

Sometimes, applications require more protection and Turck provides the answer with an offering of barriers and isolator technologies for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

Industrial Controls

Be in control of your system by seamlessly directing your devices. Turck makes it possible with an offering including anything from relays to programmable gateways.

Power Supplies

Power where you need it with in-cabinet and on-machine power supplies from Turck.


All of Turck’s Approvals, Literature, Software, and Technical Information are here at your fingertips.

Why choose Turck solutions?

  • Ability to withstand extreme environments
  • Harness assemblies
  • Major industry protocols
  • Snap-in labels
  • Color-coded wiring
  • Free software & support
  • Mix & max I/O

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