Available from Neff Power in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Concept to Reality

Neff Power's 80/20 Design Team can take your design from concept to reality.

We provide engineering support so that your design meets requirements and is easy to assemble. 

Our 80/20 design engineers are experienced in supporting:

  • Robot safety cells
  • Machine guarding 
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Modifications to existing designs

Complete customized solutions.

Wide range of anodized color options in addition to mill finish aluminum.

Delivered as a kit or fully assembled on a pallet.

How it works!

1. Send us your sketch with rough dimensions and load requirements.

2. Review your design with us online.

3. Order your design as a full assembly that we put together for you, or as a kit that you put together on-site.

what do you want to build today?

Contact the 80/20 Design team to start the conversation!

What is 80/20?

80/20 Inc. 80/20 is a T-slot construction system you can use to build virtually anything. When you think of 80/20, think of “an erector set” for adults. You mix, match, assemble and reassemble products to create your customized solution or innovation.  80/20 Inc. provides aluminum T-slot profiles and the accompanying fasteners, accessories, and connectors.  With 80/20, you can configure durable, customized workstations, platforms, docking stations, production line fixtures and other customized framed solutions.  Because 80/20 is modular, you can use it to fit your processes and resources, and then quickly reconfigure it as changes are implemented.  

Why use 80/20?

Assembly is straightforward, and only requires simple hand tools.  T-slot aluminum profiles provide a reconfigurable option that is both strong and lightweight.  80/20 T-slotted aluminum is comparable in strength to steel and can handle a wide range of requirements, from heavy to light-duty applications.  

80/20 Inc. is a modular T-slot aluminum building system for every industry or application. From light to heavy-duty, 80/20 is a perfect solution for automation fixtures, robotic arms, machine frames, guarding, enclosures, displays, and workstations.

Solutions from our 80/20 Design Team

  • Framing Options
  • Guarding & Safety
  • Workstations
  • Individual Parts or Kits
  • Bulk Packs for Extrusion & Fasteners
  • Fastening Methods
  • Panels & Doors
  • Casters and floor mounts
  • Ergonomic handles and interfaces
  • Pallets and packaging for shipment

Why choose 80/20 solutions?

  • Integrate frames to your processes
  • Fits all shapes, sizes, and scenarios
  • Promote safety in your organization
  • Reduce labor expenditures
  • Prevent injury with ergonomic design

Visit www.8020.net for more information.