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Yaskawa Motoman HC10XP Welding Cobot 

Introducing an easy-to-use collaborative welding robot that delivers the industrial throughput and quality you expect from Yaskawa Motoman. The new HC10XP welding cobot empowers your welders with the flexibility and skill to create new robotic welding jobs on the fly - then quickly redeploy them for the next welding challenge.

What benefits can you expect from collaborative welding?

If you do highly varied fabrication runs, or find your welders scrambling from job-to-job in the course of a day, welding with a cobot can provide you with better, affordable options that will yield quick results.

Easy set-up and teaching enable you to say yes to more jobs, deliver them on-time, and be more profitable.

Short-handed?  No problem.  Welders can teach the cobot repetitive jobs, then move on to more skilled welding tasks.

Let your cobot handle long seams and heavy deposition to maintain quality where physically-demanding work often falls short.

Robotics on Your Terms

Yaskawa Motoman built the HC10XP welding cobot to adapt to your working environment - not the other way around. The durable, simple-to-operate design works with a variety of torches, fixtures, carts and welding power supplies (manual or robotic).

Hand-guided Teaching

Welders teach the robot by guiding it to the weld points.  Torch angles and arc on/off can all be set from the teaching collar.

XP means Extra Protection

Designed to work in fab shops and other rough environments, the IP67 exterior of the HC10XP is easy to clean and built to last.

Safe for Welders

Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology monitors force and reacts quickly to contact, enabling safe collaboration in a fence-less environment.

Why choose the HC10XP Welding Collaborative Robot?

  • Easy to teach and operate
  • XP stands for Extra Protection
  • Portable for moving around the jobsite
  • Fast and affordable to integrate

How can collaborative welding optimize your operation?

Tell us about your process, and we will help you discover the right collaborative or industrial robotic solution. 

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