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Experience the thrill of high speed racing from the comfort of your home.  

Neff Power offers a variety of DIY Racing Simulator kits from which to choose.  

Check out these DIY Racing Simulator frames featuring T-slot profiles that can be fully tailored to your space.

Racing Simulator Rig - Standard

As seen on 80/20's Extreme DIY channel, this kit features dynamic UniBearings that provide a unique solution for adjusting your racing seat exactly where you want it.  

The flexibility of T-slotted aluminum profiles brings you complete customization for your seat mount position, pedal position, monitor mount and steering frame. A wider footprint prevents tipping and lets you adjust for a level frame.  

Easy to adjust, easy to level, and easy to assemble.

*Please note that DIY Racing Simular kit includes frame only, and DOES NOT including racing accessories.  

Racing Simulator Rig - Small

This DIY Racing Simulator kit features black anodized T-slotted profile for a sleeker-looking frame.  The smaller footprint also accommodates tighter space requirements.

With adjustable connectors and corner gussets for sturdy support, this smaller frame is made to withstand repetition and vigorous use. 

Easy to adjust, easy to level, and easy to assemble.

*Please note that DIY Racing Simular kit includes frame only, and DOES NOT including racing accessories.

When your virtual racing setup feels too cramped for fun, it’s time for a DIY Racing Simulator.  T-slot profiles allow you to build a racing simulator rig that is completely tailored to your requirements and space, while also making alterations fast and easy.  

Each kit is for the frame only. You provide your own customized screen, seat, steering wheel, pedals and electronics.

With more than one DIY kit available, Neff Power provides options.  You choose the frame best customized to fit your racing needs.  After adding electronics and other accessories like a seat and steering wheel, you will be ready to race.

 When your virtual racing setup needs and upgrade, a DIY Racing Simulator kit is the way to go.  These kits are fun and easy to assemble, and can be configured to fit your favorite racing equipment.

From a happy customer of the DIY Racing Simulator Rig - Small:

Yes, it’s here and together and actually logged my first full length race last week.  Very stable.  See photo.  

I’ve assembled it a little different than the original design, due to still using my old monitor, but that is the amazing part is the flexibility. Once I add the triple screens it will go back to the design you seen. Very happy.

I’m already working on phase 2, so stay tuned.

The flexibility and adjustability of this type of setup is unlimited!

Please let 8020 know the quality is top notch.

- L. from Illinois, May 2020

Interested in ordering a frame?  Send us a note below.

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