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80/20-DIY-Aquarium Stands

Heavy Duty Waterproof Aquarium Stands

Neff Power offers multiple options of Aquarium Stands to support your watery environment with industrial strength and corrosion resistance.

Popular cable TV shows and videos have increased the prevalence of aquariums in America. Fish tanks and stands were once considered a luxury. Today, fish tanks can now be considered an integral part of many homes as more DIY-ers realize how easy it is to assemble their own. Our Aquarium Stand Kits include everything needed to hold your aquarium tank.

Neff Power's DIY Aquarium Stand Kits will make your aquarium building experience easier. Our simple designs allow for easy assembly. Neff Power has a selection of kits with different holding capacities. The stand's sturdy design can hold anywhere from 10 to 220 gallons depending on your needs. Some stands have the option of storing food, filters, and supplies on an included shelf. Each stand is made with Clear or Black Anodize Aluminum allowing for a corrosion resistant structure.

Why 80/20, Inc.?

80/20 T-Slots are rust and corrosion resistant. The T-slot channels enable you to reconfigure the design if necessary. You can even make the stand mobile by customizing it with locking casters. The versatility of each kit allows the perfect solution for your aquatic pets.

You can get you aquarium stands from Neff Power. It's a do it yourself kit. All the components come pre-cut and pre-drilled, in one shipment.

Fish In Aquarium by Lauren Kessler

Neff Power includes everything you need in our ready to assemble DIY Aquarium Stand Kits. We makes sure the structure is sound to hold the load of your Aquarium tank. All of our kits come with tagged drawings.

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Aquarium Stand 125-220gal KIT-BLACK

Neff power has a variety of kits designed to hold anywhere from 10 to 220 gallons

Aquarium Stand 10-40gal-Shelf KIT-BLACK

Aquarium Stand 40-90gal-Shelf KIT-BLACK

Neff Power offers multiple options of DIY Aquarium Stand Kits so that you can choose the right one for you. See a tank you are looking for? Click below.

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