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Today's packaging demands are for more than just motion.

OEMs and end users in the packaging industry are looking for flexible and reliable automation, as well as ability to scale production when needed. There is an increased demand for packaging lines with modular flexibility, with a wide variety of materials - especially packaging styles and SKUs - and the desire for customization to optimize performance.

With eCommerce driving demand, the engineered packaging trend is for increased precision automation. Specifically, this means high performance servo control, high precision rotary and linear servo motors, and HMI with I/O that interfaces with the real world.

This OEM Magazine video featuring managing editor Natalie Craig and Yaskawa America's packaging market segment manager Paul Kling is an excellent overview of the trends and innovation in motion control and robotics solutions for the packaging industry.

Real-world eCommerce packaging applications involve transforming existing product packaging lines into streamlined automated solutions that increase speed while still allowing for scalability.  Yaskawa America's motion division demonstrates high performance and unmatched reliability in this area.  The engineered capabilities of Yaskawa Motion are specifically tailored to meet the flexibility and scalability of the packaging industry.

One control architecture for your packaging line

Yaskawa Motion offers a unique Singular Control solution: one control architecture to control all of your motion needs. This includes servos, articulated robots, delta robots and variable speed drives. Singular Control uses industrial standard IEC 61131 programming with standard function block, ladder logic, and structured text programming. This solution puts all the controls, servos, and VFDs in one programming environment with which most packaging engineers are familiar.

Additionally, control engineers need not fear programming in an unfamiliar software environment. You can program Yaskawa Sigma Logic Servos with RS Logics using Yaskawa-developed add-on instructions with no other programming software. This solution lends superior servo performance and unmatched reliability without leaving behind the familiar format of the existing PLC.

Scaling your packaging line for eCommerce

As you scale your eCommerce business, it is easy to integrate new automated processes and systems with the full line of Yaskawa solutions. From delta robots to articulated robots, including industrial and collaborative varieties, you can add capabilities to your existing packaging line without changing control platforms.

When you or your team consider implementing or scaling an eCommerce packaging line, you will need a resource for motion control and robotic solutions. As a channel partner for Yaskawa, Neff Power can help you discover and implement the correct solution for each stage of automation.

Let Neff Power engineers help you select the best robotics and automation for your eCommerce packaging line. 

Call 855-727-6200 or schedule a Neff Power engineer discussion today.

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