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Yaskawa Motoman Has Sold 500,000 Industrial Robots

In February, Yaskawa Motoman, one of the world’s largest industrial automation companies, has sold 500,000 industrial robots.

For over a hundred years, Yaskawa has improved technology based on motors and their application. From their first industrial robot, Motoman-L10, Yaskawa has been manufacturing quality industrial robots with high quality components. The Yaskawa Robotics line responds to the automation and labor-saving needs of today’s dynamic business environment. Neff Power, your distributor source for Yaskawa, offers lines of industrial, collaborative, and smart series Robots to fit nearly any application.

Yaskawa first gained a competitive advantage with its innovative design. Yaskawa was able to not only capitalize on the design technology of manipulators, which are the basis of robots, but also on Yaskawa’s own industry-leading servo motors.

Today, Yaskawa leads the market with robots ideally suited for assembly, injection molding, inspection, machine tending, packaging, part transfer, and other handling tasks.

Yaskawa has expanded its range of applications for industrial robots. In order to respond to diversifying manufacturing needs, Yaskawa launched “Motoman-HC 10 DT,” a human-cooperative robot in 2018 that can work next to factory workers. Against the backdrop of a declining working-age population, a worsening labor shortage, the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, Yaskawa has been increasing in the general industrial sector for the three product markets: food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

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