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Ready to organize your aquatic adventure equipment?

This DIY weather-resistant aluminum frame is perfect for outdoor or garage storage.

Recreational Kayak Storage Rack Made to Withstand the Elements

Neff Power offers multiple options of kayak stands so that you can choose the right one for you.

Make all your aquatic adventures a fun outdoor experience without the challenge of storage with a custom 80/20 solution. The kayak stand is a strong, sturdy structure made to hold multiple boats in a secure and well-organized manner. With this custom water sports solution, you can store paddles and life jackets with care and adjust the rack height for different-sized boats. You can make the stand mobile with locking casters and even leave the weather-resistant aluminum structure outdoors in the summer.

From T-slot channels that enable the reconfigurable mounting of boats and accessories to custom designs built to fit your spaces, 80/20 kayak stands provide the security you need to make the splash you want.

80/20 Standard Kayak Stand Kit

As seen on 80/20's Extreme DIY channel, this kit is made of aluminum T-slotted profiles, making it resistant to rust in outdoor environments over time. 

The adjustability of 80/20 products allows additional racks for more storage, or adjustment of existing racks for different sized boats.

Casters provide mobility and maneuverability, while crossbeams introduce stability and support to the structure.

The stand is designed to be adjustable, modular, and fully customizable.

*Please note that the Kayak Stand kit includes frame only, and DOES NOT including kayak or boating accessories.  

Neff Power Modified Kayak Stand Kit

Modified to make assembly easier without compromising structural integrity.

Improved casters provide easier assembly and smoother rolling motion.

Brought to you by the design engineers at Neff Power.

This modified stand design makes improvements on the original 80/20 kit, while also saving on price point.

*Please note that the Kayak Stand kit includes frame only, and DOES NOT including kayak or boating accessories.  

Bring organization into your daily life by storing your adventure equipment on a weather-resistant stand.  Not everybody has a kayak or canoe, so keep in mind, this stand can also hold a variety of other long, lightweight outdoor equipment.

Interested in ordering a Kayak stand kit?  Send us a note below.

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