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It's easy to see why collaborative robots and SmartPendants are the best when it comes to learning robotics for the first time.  We gave this 7-year-old a Yaskawa SmartPendant and asked this question:

How long does it take a 7-year-old to learn to use a collaborative robot?

The answer: less than 1 hour!  

The intuitive touchscreen of the SmartPendant is the key to a smooth transition to robotics.  The human-collaborative features of the HC10 make it safe to program in both industrial and educational environments.  This video was taken in the Neff Power robotics laboratory, which opens to a warehouse and manufacturing area.  We encourage all of our customers to schedule a visit so they can try out our demo robots, too!

Collaborative robots are a form of robotic automation built to work collaboratively alongside humans. Unlike industrial robots, which operate behind cages and a number of different types of safety equipment, collaborative robots work without any form of external safety equipment.

Our Products

Collaborative Robot Yaskawa Motoman HC1O

The HC10 collaborative robot (cobot) is an ideal balance of strength, flexibility and efficiency. It is easily deployed to operate in the same space as your workers, reducing the need for hard safety enclosures. Simplified programming and the low cost robotic arm put the benefits of collaborative automation within reach of any size manufacturing operation.

Collaborative Robot Yaskawa Motoman HC1ODT

The 6-axis HC10DT human-collaborative robot is simple and easy to program for quick implementation. In addition to robot programming through the easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant with built-in Smart Frame technology, the HC10DT also provides enhanced hand-guided teaching for fast deployment or redeployment on demand.

Collaborative Robot Yaskawa Motoman HC20XP

The robust six-axis HC20XP collaborative robot provides precise hand-guided teaching for fast implementation of a robot system. Offering four modes of collaborative operation, the HC20XP meets established safety standards.  This cobot can operate without extra safety features, saving space and lowering cost.

Why Yaskawa Motoman HC10?

The HC1O from Yaskawa Motoman is a collaborative robot that can work in close proximity with people. Advances in edge computing have made collaborative robots more flexible and easier than ever to implement. Often, little to no programming is required to install them, reducing integration costs. Increasing flexibility opens up a wide range of new tasks and applications that collaborative robots can effectively automate.

Sign up for a demo today by clicking this link. Our knowledgeable team can run a demo at your facility or you can visit Neff Power. We also offer web demos online.

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