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80/20 Aluminum T-Slots for Van Builds

80/20 is the best material to build a lighter and stronger interior framing system for a van. The lighter framing saves MPG (miles per gallon).  When compared to alternative materials, such as wood, aluminum framing saves space and reduces the weight and bulk of 2X4 or 2X2 wood framing.

80/20 extruded aluminum T-slots can be securely bolted to the support ribs of the van allowing everything else to be securely bolted to the 80/20 framing. Frames can be easily secured to the floor, sides, and roof when building your cabinets, counter tops, or bed tops.  

Building with 80/20 extruded aluminum T-slots is intuitive and modular. 80/20 also doesn't rot, rust, crack, or change shape with changing heat and humidity, making it a superior option for van builds.

Neff Power, your distributor source for 80/20, Inc., gives customers the option of ordering 80/20 extruded aluminum T-slots custom made to your design. Neff Power's Design Team can take your van build idea from concept to reality. We provide engineering support so that your design meets requirements and is easy to assemble. Your parts will arrive in kit form and will be tagged and labeled for ease of assembly.

Six Reasons to use 80/20 for your Van Build
• Lightweight
• Easy to use
• Multi-purpose (e.g. side panels, sliding drawers, cabinet doors)
• Sturdy and vibration resistant (with proper selection of connectors)
• Easy to modify at any time
• Clean and modern design

Neff Power helps individuals and entrepreneurs customize their van build outs! 

Neff Power recommends 10 series or 15 series for your van build to maximize strength and minimize weight. Neff power design engineers are experienced in selecting the best fittings, connectors, brackets, anchors, t-nuts, fasteners, and end caps to minimize vibration.

Our design engineers are experienced in designing custom kits to fit your needs. Contact Neff Power today at (855) 727-6200 or email with a rough sketch of your design.

Please note: Neff Power can help you design the best solution for your van buildout, but YOU are responsible for proper installation and safety in YOUR van.  Neff Power is not responsible for your vehicle.

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80/20 10 series aluminum T-slot


80/20 15 series aluminum T-slot

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