West Control Solutions is a global specialist in the design and manufacture of process and temperature control instrumentation. Through their leading product brands - CAL, PMA, and WEST - they have been providing first-class, reliable control solutions for almost a century.

THeir easy-to-use products can meet a variety of demands from offering simple, entry-level temperature controlls to highly sophisticated, functionally-rich solutions for even the most complex of controls applications. Their comprehensive product range is routinely selected for use in a number of industrial and scientific applications including plastics and extrusion, ovens and furnaces, laboratory and test equipment, packaging, food an beverage. 

As a specialists in temperature control, West's products are supported by a Neff Power's dedicated team of experienced temperature control experts who can provide in depth application expertise and advice.


Products & Solutions from West Control Solutions

  • Single Loop Temperature Controllers
  • Multi-loop Temperature Controllers
  • Rail-mounted Devices
  • Indicators
  • Limit Devices
  • Thermostats
  • Solid State Relays
  • Thyristors

Why choose West Control Solutions?

  • Competitive in cost
  • Fast configurability
  • Improved display visibility
  • Reduces costs by minimizing wiring and panel space
  • Reliable products within the most demanding process and manufacturing applications
  • High-level of ingress protection 
  • Field bus compatibility
  • Programmable controllers for single- and multi-loop

Visit www.west-cs.com for more information.