SCHUNK is the world’s number one technology for clamping and gripping systems - from the smallest parallel gripper to robot accessories. They uncover hidden potentials with superior components where nobody expects them. From robots that replace workers to robots that serve as helpful colleagues, the field of robotic automation is experiencing a new trend that represents a huge challenge for component manufacturers, and SCHUNK sets a new benchmark for the future of grippers.



Products & Solutions by SCHUNK

  • Gripping Modules
  • Robot Accessories
  • Handling
  • Linear Motion

Why choose SCHUNK robotic gripping solutions?

  • SCHUNK components have networking capability to provide the basis for flexible production automation
  • First intelligent HRC gripper that directly interacts and communicates with humans, never cause injury when gripping, always detect contact with a human, and never drop a gripped object
  • Versatile and flexible production processes
  • Ability to change fixtures with speed

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