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Micromatic offers rotary actuators with either pneumatic or hydraulic capability. Their special line of engineered rotary vane-type hydraulic actuators offers very high torque in a small package, benefiting from their core skills in manufacturing precision components. Renowned by the names Rotac® and Hyd-ro-ac®, these actuators are used in a broad range of industrial applications throughout the world; from transportation, freight handling, and automation to food processing and medical equipment.



Products & Solutions from Micromatics

  • SS Actuators
  • 26R Actuators
  • MP Actuators
  • HS Actuators
  • LP Actuators

Why choose Micromatic rotary actuator solutions?

  • Offer "A to Z" capabilities; standard units product up to 700,000 in. lbs. of torque at 3,000 PSI with designed "specials" at 4,500,000 in. lbs.  at 2,200 PSI capability
  • Possiblility of applications are endless, including hydraulic lifts, log loaders, paint spraying robots, automated machinery, press brakes, and container loading systems
  • Versatility with fluid media, mounting, and control
  • Environmental conditions can vary between temperature, dirt, caustic, humidity, vibration, radiation, electricity, and clean areas

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