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24/7 "lights out" production with OB7 collaborative robot.

OB7 takes zero breaks and works nonstop around the clock,

Freeing up in-house staff to work on higher-value tasks.

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures the new generation of collaborative robots. The “OB7” robot provides simplicity in use, versatility, automation, and increased output, consistency, and quality.

OB7 maximizes productivity and efficiency by working diligently around the clock nonstop. Working "lights out" allows in-house staff to go home and return the next day with a job complete and ready to start the next. OB7 maximizes machine utilization and uptime and is ideal for small or large batch jobs due to its flexibility, simplicity, and portability. OB7 saves time, resources, and money, and frees up existing staff to focus on more value-added tasks. With Productive Robotics financing, discover a return on investment in a matter of days.

OB7 leaps beyond all other collaborative robots with its patent pending "teach without programming". Existing employees “show" OB7 the desired tasks to be performed. OB7 quickly learns and performs the tasks. Zero programming eliminates operational complexity and user worry. This results in application flexibility, efficient integration, broad user confidence, and almost immediate return on investment (ROI).

OB7 is fully compliant with ISO 10218-1 safety standards and requirements.

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures OB7 in the United States of America. 

The OB7 collaborative robot is simple to use.

With "no programming" touchscreen interface,

you show the robot what to do, and the OB7 learns it.

Teaching OB7 a task is as simple as showing it what to do - physically. 

Simply "show" OB7 a task using the control handle, and it automatically learns tasks and remembers it for next time. 

OB7's intuitive control tablet makes it simple to fine-tune and adjust jobs that are simple or complex, and produces real time production data and information. 

Using visual "tiles" and a "drag and drop" interface, OB7 makes it simple for anyone to teach basic pick and place or more complex jobs like CNC machine tending. 

Staff can learn to use OB7 in a matter of minutes and create, modify, and execute thousands of different jobs instantly.

OB7 Robot comparison chart

Learn more about simple 7-axis cobot solutions from Productive Robotics.  

Compare 4 models to find the right fit for your application.

OB7 is a "collaborative" robot or “cobot” designed specifically for CNC machine shops.

OB7 works along side people safely without needing to be locked in a safety cage. Roll OB7 up to your CNC mill, lathe, or other CNC machine and OB7 will take over loading and unloading the machine 24/7 nonstop.

OB7 operates your CNC machines 24/7 lights out. With no breaks, sick time, or down time. OB7 works around the clock, unattended, enabling triple spindle utilization on your machines. OB7 works consistently with precision and efficiency, minimizing human error.

OB7 stands in front of your machine and works like a human operator. It opens the door, loads blank part into vise or chuck, closes the door, pushes the start button, waits until the part is finished, and repeats the cycle.

OB7 works equally well for short or long production runs. This is because OB7 is "taught" by your machine operator and requires no programming. Setting up OB7 for a new job run takes only a few minutes. Whether you are running large jobs or high mix / low volume runs, OB7 can optimize the time spent on your machines by running parts unattended, nonstop, or overnight. With, OB7, you can significantly save time and minimize idle spindle time on jobs even as small as 5-10 parts.

OB7 works with any brand of mill, lathe, EDM, saw, press, or other CNC machine. Productive Robotics has easy installation kits for many models of machine.

A dual gripper option allows you to speed up your production by using two grippers in one. This allows you to reduce machine wait time during part reloading, which can greatly reduce cycle time. With the Dual Gripper, you can unload a completed part then immediately reload a new part, eliminating the extra trip to and from the machine. The Dual Gripper Adapter is compatible with the OB7 Parallel Electric Gripper and grippers that use the standard ISO mount tool plate.

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The OB7 collaborative robot is sold as a fully functional automation system.

OB7 comes fully equipped with a robot arm, rolling stand, staging table, parallel gripper, CNC Machine Interface, Chip Clearing Fan and Pneumatic Vice.

OB7 is fully compliant with ISO 102018-1 safety requirements. 

Built with safety sensors on each joint, OB7 will stop if it runs into an object or if a person hits it. 

No need to worry about caging or safety fencing. With OB7, staff can expect to work safely and collaboratively in conjunction with OB7. 

OB7 works at various collaborative and non-collaborative speeds, and if sped up may require a password. 

In addition, OB7's enhanced safety not only allows it to work safely alongside people, but also helps minimize ergonomic-related injuries by completing repetitive and often dangerous work.

Setting up OB7 and teaching it your first job requires no complex integration or installation. Your own staff can set up OB7 or we can do it for you.

Teaching OB7 a job is simple and requires no programming whatsoever. Physically show OB7 the movements and it learns.

Where the number 7 comes from in OB7

  • 7-Axis Articulated Arm Robots
  • Collaborative Robots

What is the 7th Axis all about?  A 7th Axis, sometimes called "7 Degrees of Freedom", means ultimate flexibility.  Like a human arm, 7 joints give flexibility and dexterity to reach around obstacles in the work area which would otherwise be impossible to reach with only 6 axes.  

Beyond the capability of a human arm, joints can rotate 360 degrees in both directions.  7 axes, each with positive and negative 360 degree rotation allows Productive Robotics robots to work in more confined work spaces and successfully reach where a 6 axis robot can not.

The increased flexibility of 7 axes enables more ergonomic work-efficient orientations to streamline job automation.

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