Available from Neff Power in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures the new generation of collaborative robots.  The “OB7” robot provides simplicity in use, versatility, automation, and increased output, consistency, and quality.

OB7 leaps beyond all other collaborative robots with its patent pending "teach without programming".  Existing employees “show" OB7 the desired tasks to be performed. OB7 quickly learns and performs the tasks.  Zero programming eliminates operational complexity and user worry. This results in application flexibility, efficient integration, broad user confidence, and almost immediate return on investment (ROI).  

OB7 is fully compliant with ISO 10218-1 safety standards and requirements.

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures OB7 in the United States of America.

Why choose Productive Robotics?

    • No Programming
    • 7 Axes for all 4 models
    • Fast ROI
    • Made in USA

Products & Solutions

  • 7-Axis Articulated Arm Robots
  • Collaborative Robots

What is the 7th Axis all about?  A 7th Axis, sometimes called "7 Degrees of Freedom", means ultimate flexibility.  Like a human arm, 7 joints give flexibility and dexterity to reach around obstacles in the work area which would otherwise be impossible to reach with only 6 axes.  

Beyond the capability of a human arm, joints can rotate 360 degrees in both directions.  7 axes, each with positive and negative 360 degree rotation allows Productive Robotics robots to work in more confined work spaces and successfully reach where a 6 axis robot can not.

The increased flexibility of 7 axes enables more ergonomic work-efficient orientations to streamline job automation.

Robot comparison chart

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Compare 3 models to find the right fit for your application.