Captures motion.  Without contact.

Non-contact and with no measuring elements or scales, it reliably determines the length, position and speed of all kinds of objects and surfaces. The SPEETEC is great for continuous roll materials or single items, such as individual sheets of paper, plastic, metal, wood or textile.


Measurement of speed and length in a packaging process with simple electrical and mechanical integration and without damaging the material or abrading it with a measuring wheel.

Digital Printing

Speed measurement directly on the object receiving print without damaging the sensitive surface and with a high signal quality and resolution delivers the best print results.

Tire Manufacturing

Non-contact and precise speed and length measurement directly on the rubber and other soft or slippery materials eliminates slippage.


Quality control for cutting processes through automated 100 % length measurement directly on the material and efficient statistical process control.

Building Material

The production of plasterboard requires a very high level of quality. The fast production processes involved demand a reliable speed and length measurement to ensure adherence to the standard dimensions of the plasterboard. SPEETEC solves this task reliably without any contact with the product.

Textile Industry

The SPEETEC non-contact motion sensor measures the speed and length of fabric sheets optically and without making contact. Inaccuracies caused by slippage or impairment of the web goods are no longer a problem thanks to the direct contact, which makes high product quality possible.


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