Neff Power provides robotics training and support for industrial and collaborative robots specific to your applications. Neff Power robotics specialists provide on-site instruction at your facility, as well as remote robotic simulations that include all of your process parameters to help you utilize your robot to its fullest potential and maximize ROI. Additionally, Neff Power provides the total solution on the robot with the best end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) offerings for your application.

Robots and Robotics Champions

At Neff Power, we help companies select the right robot for their application.
And we train robotics champions. 

We offer hands-on learning both in our robotics lab as well as on-site at your manufacturing facility.

Hands-on Robotics Training

We train large and small groups, advanced technicians, as well as new hires and novices to become robotics champions and successfully deploy their first robotics application. 

We want robotics champions to leave our training with the right tools and the right mindset. We want each robotic champion to be able to successfully operate and maintain their first application, and have the confidence to scale to new applications.
Neff Power is now part of GCG Automation, and we are excited to share our expertise with you!

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